About Us

OpenCIDER (Open Computational Inclusion and Digital Equity Resource) offers a space for sharing knowledge, advice, good practices, workflows, and tools to facilitate computational training and big data analysis. We focus on supporting diverse communities of researchers from varied backgrounds by providing fair access to knowledge to encourage global participation and enhance digital equity by promoting open data practices.


Our vision is to create a valuable resource for effective knowledge transfer and building inclusive communities to advance participation in open research and innovation.

The Problem:

To advance active participation in open data practices and to improve the quality of research, we need to encourage the participation of underrepresented groups. In other words, we need to enhance diversity in open data and open research discussions in order to drive innovation and discovery.


In order to create a more diverse open data community, there is a need to update current practices to promote fair and effective knowledge transfer by propagating more inclusive computational training as well as encouraging the development of tools and portable solutions adapted to resources of a wide variety of audience. This will help create a more diverse community, increasing participation, inclusion, and visibility of under-represented groups such as those from LMICs (low and middle-income countries).

Enriching the open data community through propagating the foundations of equity, inclusion, sharing, and fairness on a global scale will provide significant benefits for research. This will translate to more effective use of resources, increased rigor, transparency, re-use, participation, accountability, and reproducibility.

This resource is intended for anyone who is interested in open data, community building, inclusion, and diversity as well as effective knowledge transfer and computational training practices.