Community Call #2

The Varying Openness of Digital Open Science Tools


On the 8th of December 2020, Dr. Louise Bezuidenhout and Dr. Johanna Havemann presented their research findings published in their recent publication: The Varying Openness of Digital Open Science Tools: This talk is brought to you by OpenCIDER and Access2prespectives.




Speakers’ profiles

Dr Louise Bezuidenhout is a social scientist at the department of special education at the University of Oxford, specializing in Critical Data Studies. Her work examines the evolving Open Data/Open Science landscape and the evolution of data sharing infrastructures, practices, and communities. In particular, her work focuses on issues of justice, access, and marginalization. Her work has a strong empirical component and she has conducted fieldwork in a number of African countries, including South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Sudan. She has also worked in the US and UK.

With a background in Evolution and Developmental Biology, Dr. Johanna Havemann is a trainer and consultant in [Open] Science Communication and [digital] Science Project Management. Her work experience covers NGOs, a science startup, and international institutions including the UN Environment Programme. With a focus on digital tools for science and her label Access 2 Perspectives, she aims at strengthening global science communication in general – and with a regional focus on Africa – through Open Science.

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