Discussion Points from LeidenScienceAvengers

🐼 Participants feedback 🤓 Organisers feedback
🐼 Fika for better focus and experience 🐼 Having a quite room +1 🤓 Breaks + logistics
🐼 Giving feedback anonymously 🐼 Being able to go back to the trainers beyond the training session with personal project Questions/queries 🤓 Having detailed feedback survey 🤓 Provide online space to ask questions + establish that it is safe to ask
Use of resources:
🤓 Organized technical capacity for the topic 🤓 Hearing loops/captions 🤓 Have materials available online 🤓 Offer choice of alternative tools 🤓 Having assistants helping out in the event, they should reflect the diversity.
Category X:
🐼 Training and teaching someone else (i.e. train the trainer) 🐼 Socializing with other participants in safe space 🐼 Patience + encouragement from mentors (for positive learning experience) 🐼 Feeling less intimidated 🤓 Encouragement for participation forex. ( Freebies; if n amount of "pull requests” submitted) 🤓 Engaging with the audience to have their input on session design 🤓 Fun badges —> info about yourself, pronounce, stickers, etc… 🤓 Providing opportunities to contribute/brainstorm in a group (not asking questions by yourself or having to find others, like ice-breakers but on specific topics)
🐼 Code of conduct + harassment reporting procedures 🐼 Use of language 🤓 Having a person delegated to receive complaints about and take action regarding digressions from code of conduct 🤓 Language:
  • Simple & less technical
  • Adapted for Everyone (both computational and non-computational backgrounds)
Participant engagement:
🐼 Learning by talking about my work to gain feedback 🐼 Collaborative working i.e. sprints/hackathons 🐼 Learning from peers
Feedback driven learning:
🐼 Learning by doing—> problem based 🐼 Interactive learning rather than powerpoints
🤓 Funding + support from senior researchers and sponsors 🤓 Offering mentorship programs for community members
Community and continuity :
🐼 Get to be exposed to the “ how-to” of the event, how did we come up with the idea of the hackathon? 🐼 Longevity and long term goals such as working in a community 🤓 Be familiar with the audiences needs (e.g operating system) 🤓 Knowing the audience, sending a survey to ask for their;
  • Background
  • Knowledge
  • Expectations / expected outcome
Community building:
Collaboration with other communities (increase visibility both ways) Digital + visual promotion campaign Visiting, physical meetings Structure and leadership + several maintainers Support, working with allies + supporters Media; Facebook, Twitter hashtags to follow, Slack Use of tools for communication Common project/aim/goal Social events, personal interactions, meetups Working alongside and bonding with similar like-minded same stage/career level individuals Freedom + ownership too within teams and community Regular/ scheduled video hangouts