Welcome to OpenCider, Open Computational Inclusion & Digital Equity Resource

This space is for effective knowledge transfer and supporting diverse communities of researchers from varied backgrounds by providing fair access to knowledge to encourage global participation and enhance digital equity by promoting open data practices.

Our focus areas:

  • Open Data practices and challenges in Low Middle-Income Countries (LMICs)

    • Devising strategies to increase participation in Open Data

    • Addressing the role of High-Income Countries in enhancing diversity in Open Data

  • Challenges in capacity building and knowledge exchange in LMICs

    • Collating and highlighting Low-tech strategies in knowledge dissemination

  • Importance of representation by highlighting work done in LMICs.

    • Highlighting communities and individuals actively increasing diversity in Open Data

  • How to establish communication channels for knowledge exchange

    • Raising awareness on resources available

To find out how to contribute to this resource, please see the full list of things we need help with on get involved page.

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Has the pandemic and shift to virtual events had a +ve or -ve impact on academic research in terms of attending conferences, workshops, and webinars? Let's find out!!!

Please help us answer the following questions by filling in our anonymous survey ~5 mins:

  • Have more people participated in knowledge sharing events this year compared to last year?

  • Has the shift to online events had an effect on participation rates?

  • What has helped people to participate?

  • What challenges have deterred people from participating?

  • Has gender, demographics, or other factors had an influence (positive or negative) on access to knowledge?

Survey in English:

Survey in Spanish: