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πŸ“ This is an example of a schedule used for a sprint over two days with each day lasting for two hours.

DAY 1: 2 Hours (πŸ“Add Date)


Time (Minutes)

Welcome + Intro +Code of Conduct


Icebreaker and Introductions


Intro or Keynote


Breakout room discussions


Goals/Objectives of Sprint (here you can talk about how to participate and expected outcomes)


Tasks and assignments (people signing up for tasks and assignments)


Day 1 - 1 Hour Remaining (Pomodoro coworking)

Breakout room (to work on tasks and assignments)

20 minutes pomodoro

10 minutes break

20 minutes pomodoro

10 break wrap-up

DAY 2- 2 hours (πŸ“Add Date)


Time (Minutes)

Breakout room (to work on tasks and assignments)

10 mins intro 20 mins work 10 mins break 20 mins work 10 mins break

20 minutes work

Wrap-up: 30 minutes

Milestones achieved + future plans


Discussions and Thanks


Day 1:

1. Welcome (Speakers name , x minute) [0:00-0:0x]

2. Inclusive instructions (Speakers name , x minute) [0:00-0:0x]

Do you have limited internet resources? Please let us know and we will aim to keep our video off and operate audio-only. Let us know anonymously:

  • πŸ“ You could use Slido

  • πŸ“ Alternatively people can write in the google doc / etherpad anonymously.

πŸ“ Code of conduct:

3. Icebreaker and Introductions (Speakers name , x minute) [0:00-0:0x]

  • Say hello and introduce yourself.

    • Name

    • Interest

    • What brings you here?

Choose from following prompts:

πŸ“ Depending on how much time and the number of participants, you may want to add a few ice-breakers to choose from.

πŸ“ https://icebreakers.io/ offers a resource for ice-breaker questions depending on event type.

  • What is the best/worst advice you ever received and why?

  • Do you take notes or jot down ideas online or with a pen and paper?

  • If you are to learn any new skill that is not related to work, what would it be?

4. Goals of the call (Speakers name , x minute) [0:00-0:0x]

πŸ“ Choose between 3-5 goals of what you intend to achieve with this event.

5. Breakout room discussions (Speakers name , x minute) [0:00-0:0x]

πŸ“ Aim of breakout room: list 3-5

  • Our asks:

    • Listen; and share.

    • Only share what you feel comfortable sharing.

    • Give time and allow everyone in your room the opportunity to speak.

    • Use the ask for help button if you need an assist!

  • Say hello and introduce yourself

    • Name

    • Interest

    • What brings you here?

  • Choose from following prompts - no need or pressure to respond to all of them, share, +1, and ask questions.

πŸ“ Add 3-5 prompts attendees can choose to discuss in their respective rooms.


5. Sprint How to/ Tasks and assignments (Speakers name , x minute) [0:00-0:0x]


6. Sprint ( x minute) [0:00-0:0x]


Sign up :

Name / affiliation / pronouns /


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