Sprint CarpentryCon@Home

We aim is to address the lack of diversity of underrepresented groups in open research by encouraging the development of tools and portable solutions adapted to resources of a wide variety of audiences such as those from low and middle-income countries (LMICs).

Our vision is to create a valuable resourceful platform that serves as a space for:

  • knowledge-sharing, advice, good practices, workflows, and a list of tools to facilitate computational training and research data management.

  • guidelines and lessons learned from LMICs.

  • ideas for the development of accessible, adaptable technical solutions.

  • a community for open data and open research enthusiasts, from diverse backgrounds, to connect and collaborate.

We encourage everyone who is interested in open research practices, community building, inclusion, and computational training to help develop and expand on OpenCIDER. We therefore participated in CarpentryCon@home by running a sprint where participants were encouraged to contribute to the following topics:

      • Virtual workshop for audience in LMICs

      • Inclusive space for hackathon

      • Accessible software design

      • Inaccessible Tools and Platforms

Please find the session notes in the Google Doc below:

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