Be Mindful

Behaviour and conduct advice


  • What do you do when you begin the session? How you introduce yourself

  • What can you do differently to invite your students to connect with you.

  • Use of language, triggers, show of support

  • Encourage participants to point out issues

  • Illustrate that you care and react to issues

  • Be careful of language and diction

  • Don't touch learners' keyboards

  • Be mindful of how you address the participants

  • Avoid using exclusionary phrases such as "you guys"

  • Check in with the audience at intervals as a form of assessment of their understanding and give them time to catch up.

  • How do you finish the session with your students?

  • Reflecting back on your session, what is the last thing you do not think about ?

  • How would a member of your audience report any incidence of abuse?

  • How can we empower them to take charge of the material and learning experience to be able to teach it to someone else?

  • How do you gather feedback?

  • Encourage group work

  • How do you come up with better solutions for groups with limited resources?

  • Which factors can be controlled and which can't be controlled but should be accounted for?

  • Weigh out the pros and cons of software setup local vs cloud

  • Material preparation and give access beforehand