CommunityCall Template - 90 minutes

This template is designed for 90 minutes community call. To view and copy this template please refer to the Google doc.

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Join the call:


Date & Time:

Length: 90 minutes

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Roll call

Name / affiliation / pronouns / language(s) / location / social media


Choose a question to answer:

πŸ“ offers a resource for ice-breaker questions depending on event type.

What is your favourite pet/animal? What is a boring fact about you?

1. Welcome (Presenter name, x min) [0:00-0:0x] πŸ“:

2. Code of Conduct reminder (Presenter name, x min) [0:00-0:0x]:

  • Be respectful, honest, inclusive, accommodating, appreciative, and open to learning from everyone else.

  • Do not attack, demean, disrupt, harass, or threaten others or encourage such behavior.

  • See also: Add link to full Code of Conduct. πŸ“

  • Issues report to X person πŸ“

  • If your report concerns the organiser, please report to X person. πŸ“

3. Goals of the call (Presenter name, x min) [0:00-0:0x] :

πŸ“ Choose between 3-5 goals of what you intend to achieve with this event.

4. Introducing Keynote (Presenter name, x min) [0:00-0:0x] :

5. Keynote presentation (Presenter name, x min) [0:00-0:0x]:

  • Slides: πŸ“ Add link to slides


6. Q&A (Presenter name, x min) [0:00-0:0x] :

7. Breakout room (Presenter name, x min) [0:00-0:0x] :

  • Our asks:

    • Listen; and share.

    • Only share what you feel comfortable sharing.

    • Give time and allow everyone in your room the opportunity to speak.

    • Use the ask for help button if you need an assist!

  • Say hello and introduce yourself

    • Name

    • Interest

    • What brings you here?

  • Choose from following prompts - no need or pressure to respond to all of them, share, +1, and ask questions.

πŸ“ Add 3-5 prompts attendees can choose to discuss in their respective rooms.


  • Choose a name for your breakout room, e.g. animals found in the rainforest:

  • Breakout room name:

  • Notes:

  • Breakout room name:

  • Notes:

  • Breakout room name:

  • Notes:

8. Shared insights (Presenter name, x min) [0:00-0:0x] :

  • What surprised you in today's discussions?

  • What did we discover?

  • What knowledge and resources do we have to share?

  • Any questions come up in your breakout session?

  • Please share if comfortable, as well as +1/affirm others and ask supportive questions.

  • Notes:

9. Closing circle + Continued discussions (Presenter name, x min) [00:60-00:90] :

  • Reminders

    • Survey: Add feedback survey πŸ“

  • Shout-outs & thanks

  • Requests for peer assists

10. Resources

3 ways to stay involved

Thank you for joining! πŸŽ‰

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