The Survey!

To gain insight of the current computational landscape in different environments, we aim to launch a survey to assess the needs and requirements of individuals from different backgrounds by covering the following topics:

  • πŸ›  Which tools are used by researchers at different data life-cycle

    i.e. Planning, Creation/collection of data, Analysis, Sharing, Preservation.

  • πŸ›  Which tools are used by researchers in aid of improving computational inclusion such as those used in capacity building and training.

  • πŸ›  Which tools are used by researchers in community building and outreach.

  • πŸ“Ž Which computational tools do you need? What would you like to see developed?

Research Data Lifecycle

Our vision is to create a valuable resource where we can offer:

  • A space for knowledge-sharing, advice, good practices, workflows, and a list of tools to facilitate computational training and research data management.

  • Guidelines and lessons learned from LMICs (low and middle-income countries).

  • Ideas for the development of accessible, adaptable technical solutions.

  • A community space for diverse open data and open research enthusiasts to connect and collaborate.

If you are interested in surveying the digital landscape in your institute and/or would like to know more about existing tools and resources that enhance computational inclusion in academic research, please feel free to join πŸ‘ Google sheetπŸ‘

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